Notice Inviting Quotation for the Construction and Development Under Infrastructure Development Grants from Assam Govt. and GDA Grants from UGC


Sealed tender affixing nonrefundable Court Fee Stamp of Rs.8.25 (Rupees eight & paise Twenty five) only are invited from the registered contractors of APWD (Roads for Sl. No. 1 and  Building for Sl. No. 2) with a validity period of 120 days, for the construction and Development  taken up under infrastructure Development Grants from Assam Govt. and GDA grants from UGC at Hem Chandra Dev Goswami College, Nitaipukhuri as detailed visit college website and the tender paper will be received in the office of the Principal H.C.D.G. College, Nitaipukhuri, up to 11.30 am 26/12/2018 and will be opened on the 27/12/2018 date & venue at 1.00 pm in the presence of the bidders or their authorized reprehensive. Tender paper will be collect from College office within the stipulated period and time.

Sl No.
Name of work
Estimated Amount (Rs)
Cost of Tender Paper (Rs)
Earnest money 2 %(two p.c.) for General, 1%(One p.c.) for SC/ST/OBC/MOBC
Time for completion
Eligibility of the Contractor
Development of Volleyball and Badminton field  under State Govt. Infrastructure  grants of H.C.D.G. College, Nitaipukhuri, Sivasagar

1,06,300/- Ls



30 days

Class-III Contractor
Construction of Chain link fancing Boundary of  girl’s hostel under (UGC) GDA grant of H.C.D.G. College, Nitaipukhuri,

2,73,700/- Ls



30 days

Class-III Contractor

1.      Detailed particulars and tender paper can be purchased, from the office of the Principal, H.C.D.G. College, Nitaipukhuri Sivasagar during working hours i.e. 11-00 am to 2-00 pm from 21/12/2018 to 26/12/2018 by the eligible contractors on application along with production of duly attested up to date contractor registration certification. If for any reason the last date of issuing/receiving of tender document is declared as holiday, the tender paper will be issued/received on the next working day at the same time & venue.
2.      Rate to be quoted at par/above/below the Schedule of Rates of APWD (Building and Roads) for Civil, Sanitary & Water Supply and Electrical Works for the year 2013-14, considering VAT, GST & other taxes as applicable. Rate must be quoted in both figures & works legibly and clearly.
3.      Tender paper should be accompanied by self attested copies of up to date Contractors Registration Certificate, GST, VAT, Pan Card, Labour Licence and earnest money in the form of NSC/FDR/TDR of any Nationalised/Schedule Bank duly pledged to the Principal H.C.D.G. College, Nitaipukhuri Sivasagar & payable at AGVB, Nitaipukhuri. Tender submitted without Earnest money will be straight way rejected.
4.      Tender paper must be submitted in sealed cover mentioning name & address of the tender and name of work/group in the top of the cover.
5.      Qualified bidder will have to deposit Security deposit as per E.C.PWD(Building and Roads) Assam letter NO: BN/12/82/PT-1/84
6.      No stock materials will be issued from this deptt. The contractors have to arrange the building materials from the local market of approved brand of APWD.
7.      Payment is subject to availability of fund from the Govt. for the work.
8.      The work must be completed within stipulated time.
9.      The acceptance of tender will rest with the undersigned who does not bound to accept the lowest tender and reserves the right to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason.
10.  The Contractor may visit the site of work before submitting the tender with prior intimation to the undersigned at his own responsibility & cost.
11.  Similar work Experience should be submitted along with the Tender Paper. The College authority have write to accept and reject the tender paper.
12.  All other terms & conditions are as APWD F-2 form tender document.

                                                                                    Dr. Sanjib Borgohain
Principal H.C.D.G. College, Nitaipukhuri, Sivasagar